Sidewalk Development (separate LLC) initially worked with the city of Greenville to create a redevelopment Master Plan for a new revitalized Dickinson Avenue Mixed Use vision (completed by Ayers Saint Gross of Baltimore).  Upon completion of the plan, Sidewalk Development was asked to create the first new downtown project in the district.  We procured the site and Sidewalk Development took the project through the entitlement process.  Once complete, Sidewalk Development partnered with Hallmark Campus Communities (Ohio) to guide final development of the project through construction and fill up.


Among the transformations is a 144-unit mid-rise project consisting of market rate apartments, 20,000 square feet of commercial office space and retail, and student housing just two blocks from ECU. A pioneer in downtown mixed-use housing, it brings a sense of place to downtown Greenville, attracting – and keeping – choosy students, faculty, professionals and residents.


The proof, as we say, is in the waffles – or more specifically the lines out the door at Smash Waffles, which, along with dozens of other businesses is booming thanks to these revitalization efforts. Witness the magic of downtown joy!


TOWN: Greenville, NC

UNIVERSITY: East Carolina University

PARTNER: Hallmark Campus Communities


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