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Master Developer Tim elliott (right) shares model of new downtown buildings proposed to Ma

"ESC's work is about growth for our city, an improved quality of life for our residents, and sustainability in our tax base that will enable us to provide necessary services to our citizens."
— Jay Wagner, Mayor, City of High Point NC


What Makes Elliott Sidewalk Communities a Master Developer?


That’s a great question. To consider someone a ‘master’ means they’re really, really good at what they do. So good, in fact, they’ve crafted a unique style that people recognize as soon as they see the work. As a Master Developer, Elliott Sidewalk Communities’ projects are instantly recognizable because we’re sidewalk and community centric – not building centric.


You’ll also know our unique style by the company we keep: universities. Why universities? Because institutions of higher learning are always thinking ahead – they have to. Preparing students for the future requires they embrace the unknown – not “brace” for it but “embrace” it. Universities are entrepreneurial at heart. They not only teach big thinking, they attract it.  And we like that. A lot.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint


But all good things take time and Master Development is no exception. We start by paying attention to the university’s brand and then infuse it with an economic vision for growth. Tapping into already existing potential is key. When it’s done right, we help achieve brand expansion for the university as well as economic development for the city.


We then fuse vision with market demand. Identify and link economic engines. Understand infrastructure. Finalize legal requirements. It all adds up to months of maneuvering, changes, and relationship building before the actual building begins. And none if it would be possible without the collaboration of our academic, institutional, business and municipal friends.


But wait, there’s more.


We’re Master Developers because it’s our job to see the big picture – socially, environmentally, and economically. It requires planning beyond the benefit of today so that longevity and prosperity are built into every blueprint.


Part of that big picture is the community itself. A signature of any Elliott Sidewalk Communties’ project is the presence of innovation and the absence of gate houses or fences. We want to be inclusive and that means reinventing the downtown urban fabric so it’s more accessible to surrounding communities.


Join Us


If that sounds like your kind of project, then we invite you to explore our work and give us a call.  As you get to know us more, we hope you’ll come to think of us as the most likable, humble Master Developers around (who also happen to be really, really good at what we do).

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