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High Point stadium plans forge ahead

High Point city council members, many of whom rode into office on a wave of pro-stadium sentiment, heard updates on the so-called catalyst project from the city manager’s office during a special council meeting on Tuesday.

As construction begins on the multi-use stadium, officials told council members that water, sewer and stormwater lines around the downtown site require significant upgrades this calendar year in order to open the 6.8-acre stadium by the May 2019 target.

“The vast majority of the water and sewer lines in that area were put in the ground in the early 1900s, so not only are they obsolete from an age standpoint, they won’t handle the growth projected in this area,” Deputy City Manager Randy McCaslin said. “The stormwater lines are also undersized…A lot of work being done right now you don’t see. But you will see it in the future.”

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