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Minor league baseball is helping cities hit a revitalization home run

Peters Development has been the most active local developer acquiring multiple properties in the area targeted for downtown revitalization. Elliott Sidewalk Communities is working on about $100 million worth of projects around the stadium, including a 12,000-square-foot food hall and marketplace slated to open this year, part of a $12 million mixed-use commercial building. Elliott and Peters are partners in the mixed-use commercial building.

“For us, as much as anything, it was never about baseball,” Wagner said. “It was always about how can we leverage the stadium as a catalyst for everything else that we knew we needed to have.” That includes casting a wide net to attract a diverse audience for both business and living. “We have a history of entrepreneurship in High Point,” he says. “We want to recapture that in a way that entrepreneurs and people of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds will be willing to come here and experience life and contribute to the way of life we have here in High Point.” Read the full article on American City & County.


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