About Us

about-usSidewalks are actually links connecting and promoting community physical assets.  Your perception of that walk means everything for town success!

Elliott Sidewalk Communities is a real estate development company predominantly focused on aligning the interests of the private, municipal, and university stakeholders.

We have built a reputation on our creative and holistic approach to solving the many diverse challenges of integrating campus life, community culture, and commerce needs within a growing university town setting.

This is accomplished through careful study and understanding of:

  • Preserving town heritage and culture;
  • Utilizing current and projected economic engines;
  • Promoting ratable academic and market rate investments;
  • Adding jobs to downtown;
  • Infusing meaningful retail, cultural, and hospitality offerings

We are truly about jointly building and developing the “art of the stroll” for the sidewalks of an intellectual community and destination with projects beyond a student-centric culture.