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Jay Wagner

Mayor, City of High Point, NC

“Ultimately, ESC’s work is about growth for our city, an improved quality of life for our residents, and sustainability in our tax base that will enable us to provide necessary services our citizens expect.”

Philip G. Rogers

EdD, Chancellor, East Carolina University

“The partnership of Elliott Sidewalk, LLC and East Carolina University with the Intersect East Project builds upon the strength of the region in this unique public/private endeavor and will be key in meeting the workforce needs of tomorrow.”

David W. Lawrence

CEcD, Knowledge Park Development Manager,

City of Rock Hill, NC

“Tim was the visionary leader who crafted a redevelopment plan for the whole property, bringing market intelligence, site knowledge, architecture, and financial acumen to the table.”

Sara Thorndike

Past Vice Chancellor for Administration

and Finance, East Carolina University

“ESC’s comprehensive team of experts ensures the legal and business side of a development partnership is executed as professionally and thoroughly as the vision.”

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