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“The partnership of Elliott Sidewalk, LLC and East Carolina University with the Intersect East Project builds upon the strength of the region in this unique public/private endeavor and will be key in meeting the workforce needs of tomorrow.”
— Philip G. Rogers, EdD, Chancellor, East Carolina University


Don’t you just love it when things work well together? We sure do. It’s why we work so hard to establish cooperative relationships in every project we undertake. But at Elliott Sidewalk Communities, working together goes beyond people to also include the services we offer. As a Master Developer, our vision merges Leasing, Marketing, Property Management and Co-Development, all working together for the greatest good. It’s like putting the pieces of a very strategic puzzle in place to create something beautiful, or, as we like to say, build joy.



What does it take to attract quality tenants? It takes local influencers from institutional, corporate, association, economic and business leadership networks, all working together in a coordinated army. This “Wheel of Leasing” module is unique to Elliott Sidewalk Communities and helps to bring in leads, funnel interest and information, promote incentives, and share excitement that attracts and retains key tenants. In the large-scale, multi-plex development sites we create, the ESC Leasing System helps attract quality tenants, shorten project fill-up duration, and achieve longer-term extended leases.




So the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come.” And while we’d love for that to be true, we know a more realistic approach would be, “if you build it – and market it successfully – they will come.” The in-house marketing team at Elliott Sidewalk Communities will help innovate and create the instruments needed to get your project noticed. Specifically, marketing includes Coordination with Costar/ LoopNet, Site Signage, Web Design, Social Media, Project Sales Sheets, Floorplan Graphics, and even promotional videos to intrigue key prospects. If you want to get the word out more rapidly, we have the proven tools to help you do it.


Property Management


Master Developments are never a ‘one and done’ scenario.  Over time, tenants and buildings will have changing needs that require attention. We have a team for that. The Property Management team at Elliott Sidewalk Communities works with you to help coordinate solutions for your ever-evolving property.


While our primary focus is as a Master Developer of large multi-building visions, from time-to-time Elliott Sidewalk Communities chooses to collaborate in the pre-development and ownership process with asset-class experts. Whether your focus is multi-housing, office, retail, hospitality, or parking structures, we welcome the chance enhance the overall build by utilizing your expertise.

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